4 Benefits of Home-cooking

There are several benefits to home-feeding as oppose to eating from a restaurant or by the road side. According to a study published on The Star Online in 2014, they found out that 64% of Malaysians eat at least one meal a day outside of their homes. Improving the eating habits of Malaysians, is the reason behind the research. In this article, we will be going through 4 reasons why home-cooking strongly encouraged.

Your Health is Your Wealth

The first of the benefit of home-cooking is nutrition. Healthy Eating published an article stating that restaurants and other commercially prepared meals are notoriously high in fat, salt and sugar. Not to completely condemn the consumption of such items, of course most of us like our meals tasting a certain way. By practicing home-cooking, it becomes easier to control the intake of high cholesterol or excess-sugar meals. improving dishes and creativity comes into play as one becomes more conversant with cooking from home. Healthy living for you and your family could be guaranteed.

Helps You Save More

Cost of feeding

Let me put it this way, the price of feeding outside your home does not only include the cost of the dish(es) you have ordered. The bill will be including service, tax, and even sometimes other miscellaneous charges are also included. Conversely when we practice home-cooking, we had already taken care of the expenses when purchasing the ingredients. There will be no extra charges other than what has already been. The quantity of the meal is totally up to your appetite, and you have an option of storing up instead of wasting. Home-feeding is definitely much better.

Allergies are a Pain in the A**


The beauty of home-feeding is the flexibility that comes with it. How? You know how sometimes you friends, family or even you yourself might be allergic to a specific ingredient? Or how sometimes you highly question the degree of cleanliness of the dishes and utensils at a restaurant? When cooking from home, these are controllable variables. You can easily ensure the use of ingredients that will not trigger your sensitivities. Even more, you can also maintain excellent hygiene.

You Never Wanna Miss a Chance to Gather with your Family

Home-cooking for family gatherings

Last but foremost, home-cooking generally is very synonymous with family gathering. The beauty of home-cooking is that ability to share love through your cooking. The appreciation, the compliments, the smiles, the requests for more is all home-cooking is all about. Nutrition researchers, Martha Marina and Sue Butkus from Washington State University found out that children who have meals eaten together with families will perform better academically and are less likely to partake in risky activities such as smoking, drinking etc.

Above all, home-cooking is strongly encouraged.

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