Judy, originally from Dalian, China, a modern port city on the Liaodong Peninsula, at the southern tip of China’s Liaoning Province. She proudly described her origin as the “North Hong Kong”; abundant with resources such as seafood, vegetables and fruits throughout the four seasons.

Turning cooking into hobby
She started to learn cooking from a neighborhood experienced chef during the days she was still staying in China. After her marriage and migration to Malaysia, she was unable to find an authentic meal to suit her taste. That’s how the idea of cooking at home came afterward.
She said: “When it comes to cooking, I emphasize very much on balanced meal.” Her determination to serve quality home-cooked meals for her family convinced everyone that love and food come along together.

Beijing bean paste noodle
Giving a chance to joining Hometaste motivates her to share more. Her first recommendation – Beijing bean paste noodle (made with ingredient from China). With full patience, the minced meat is stewed under the high temperature first and low temperature later for about an hour to ensure the quality. To match with Malaysian’s unique flavor, she uses spaghetti as noodle and little spicy as an enrichment. The mixture of minced meat, cucumber slices, carrot and spaghetti are something you have to try in Hometaste, don’t ever miss it!

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