Buffet Catering

We offer delicious home-cooked meals (muslim-friendly and non-muslim friendly).

Package 18

min. 50 pax


serve 6 items

include rice, noodle, chicken, vegetables, sandwich, sides, and dessert

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Package 28

min. 50 pax


serve 9 items

include rice, noodle, chicken, fish, egg/tofu, vegetables, sandwich, sides, and dessert

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Package 38

min. 50 pax


serve 12 items

include rice, noodle, chicken, fish, vegetable, egg/tofu, sides, sandwich, Nyonya delights, dessert, and drinks

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Above catering packages are for minimum of 50 pax. If below 50 pax, an additional RM3/pax will be charge.

To ensure halal and genuineness of the food, muslim-friendly, and non-muslim food are prepared separately from different kitchens and homechefs.

Why order from us?

We ensure the quality of muslim-friendly and non-muslim meal boxes

How to order?

3 steps to make your order

Step 1


Choose Your Package

Select the package that meet your catering needs.

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Step 2


Contact Our Catering Team

Contact our catering team for further details. 

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Step 3


Enjoy Your Buffet

Enjoy your buffet!

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