Coronavirus brings contactless food delivery to Malaysia. But why?


Contactless delivery is the new food delivery service! Is it safe?
It is starting as part of a measure to curb the spread of Covid-19 during the Restriction of Movement Order period.
Contactless delivery allows riders to place food delivery orders at designated spots such as in front of your homes. You can fill in delivery instructions at the check out section, guiding riders to leave your order at designated locations.
Fill in the “Instructions to your riders” for contactless delivery.
You can also send a remark of exactly where you want the delivery to be left through Whatsapp with your order info: Order ID, Name, Address, Remarks. Our operation team will make a remark to riders when delivering your order.
Example of remarks sent
Lunch Whatsapp: +60 18-660 4663 (Click here)
Dinner Whatsapp: +60 18-660 4861(Click here)

cashless payment

The ongoing spread of corona virus is forcing us around the world to rethink one particular germ surface that most consumers touch every day —- CASH. However, the time is changing, it is difficult to know the bacterial load on our hands as we handle our cash.
The more the usage of e-payment, the lesser the risk, the safer we are. 

But why are we doing this nowadays? 

The reason is simple. Corona viruses are generally thought to be spread from person-to-person through respiratory droplets. Therefore, we try to minimize risk and reduce human interactions to ensure our consumers feel secure when they engage with our services.

No cash, no contact, no corona virus.

Hometaste is committed to supporting all our valued consumers, merchants and riders as they go through the toughest time together as a nation.
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