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About Dip Dip

Started by a chef who is passionate about sharing exclusive gems of his family: homemade sauces which complements every savory dish. With traditional brining method of 28 days, the irresistible Golden Salted Egg Yolk sauce brings you the savory and tangy sensation of Dip Dip’s signature sauce, sooooo gooood! The perfect match of the eggy sauce: crispy fried chicken chop deep fried into golden perfection with a coating full of crunchy ripples. With every bite coated with the sauce, it adds an intriguing new dimension when it touches your tongue. Aside from salted egg yolk sauce, chef Akira’s other homemade sauces.

What do we have?

What do you prefer?

Chicken Chop or Fish Fillet

What sauce do you prefer?

Black Pepper, Green Curry, Salted Egg Yolk, Buttermilk, or Hainanese

What rice do you want to have?

White Rice or Brown Rice

Best Top 3 Menu 

Dip Dip had gained their fans since they started online food delivery with us. Here's their customers favorite menu to order!

Image of Chicken Chop covered in salted-egg yolk sauce served with rice and Freshly-Cooked Broccoli

Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Chop Rice

An absolutely irresistible chicken chop that's bursting in flavor.

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Image of Chicken Chop covered in sweet-sour Hainanese sauce served with rice and freshly-cooked broccoli

Hainanese Chicken Chop Rice

The best combination of East and West in Hainanese recipes

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Image of Fish-Fillet covered in Blackpepper gravy served with rice and freshly-cooked broccoli

Black Pepper Fish Fillet Rice

The common yet classic Malaysia's comforting "Western" food

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Good Food Reviews

Buttermilk Katsu Chicken

Joyce Ong:

Love the sauce, less sweet and little spicy.

Salted Egg Yolk Katsu Chicken

MengSeen Leong:

the sauce tasty is not like outsider restaurant. My family love it, we will order again.

Black Pepper Katsu Chicken

Jackie Yong:

Totally worth to try! The sauce is good and the portion is big enough, especially the meat! Price is affordable as well, definitely will order again 😛

Buttermilk Katsu Chicken


Big portion and nice

Salted Egg Yolk Katsu Chicken

Yi Woan:

Taste healthy and nice. Not oily. Will order again.

Buttermilk Katsu Chicken

Lemmon Ong:

great portion & taste good

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Salted Egg Yolk Katsu Chicken

Eddi Leong Wee Kiat:

big portion & taste great

Black Pepper Katsu Chicken


Nice sauce & big portion

Green Curry Katsu Chicken

Khoo SH:

Portion BIG

Salted Egg Yolk Katsu Chicken

Eddie Tan:

the Sauce was Perfect Match with the Chop

Salted Egg Yolk Katsu Chicken

Shu Lein Chia:

3rd time order for this~ salted egg lover definitely must try~

Buttermilk Katsu Chicken

Wong Ye Lien:

Buttermilk Chicken Chop Rice (White Rice) Although the overall taste is good especially during MCO when there is no choice. The breaded chicken is always the frozen type that westerners used. It will be recommend to use fresh chicken and the taste will be better. Broccoli and carrot are both crunchy. The gravy is a little sweet....more suitable for broccoli and carrot Overall good if we are adventurous with the style of different chefs.....

Salted Egg Yolk Katsu Chicken


Tasteless not ordering this ever. Need to improve

Buttermilk Katsu Chicken


the sauce is soooooo good

Green Curry Katsu Chicken

Stella Tan:

Personally like Green Curry than Buttermilk Chicken. Both taste good but personally like Green Curry more because of the scent of Thai curry, not spicy, aromatic, sweet and savory at the same time. Also, I like the sauce very much!

Buttermilk Katsu Chicken

Jeffery Tan:

BEST buttermilk sauce so far will order again!!

Salted Egg Yolk Katsu Chicken


Chicken chop portion is big, Sauce taste good

Salted Egg Yolk Katsu Chicken

Alastair Ong:

Best!! Chicken is tick and juicy!

Salted Egg Yolk Katsu Chicken


the salted egg sauce taste good, the chicken portion is big

Black Pepper Katsu Chicken


recommended ~ big portion

Green Curry Katsu Chicken

Carson Er:

Green Curry sauce is nice

Buttermilk Katsu Chicken

Shermaine Chua:

Big portion, juicy and crispy Chicken, recommended!

Black Pepper Fish Fillet

Anne Chia:

Nice & worth buying

Buttermilk Katsu Chicken

Eddie Lee:


Buttermilk Katsu Chicken

Meiling Lim:

Will recommend brown rice instead of white rice. buy order again

Black Pepper Katsu Chicken


Big portion

Salted Egg Yolk Katsu Chicken

Janelee Ong:

big portion & love matching with the sauce

Black Pepper Katsu Chicken


Nice 🙂

Salted Egg Yolk Katsu Chicken


great portion & taste good

Black Pepper Fish Fillet

Leon DX:

Great portion , fish fillet is nice with sauce, will order again!

Salted Egg Yolk Katsu Chicken


Sauce 4.8/5.0 Chicken 4.0/5.0 (big and thick but abit dry) Portion 4.6/5.0 (vege can give more a bit)

Black Pepper Katsu Chicken


Chicken Chop portion & taste is awesome

Buttermilk Katsu Chicken


The Sauce is perfectly matching with the Chop hehe

Salted Egg Yolk Fish Fillet

Samantha Ong:

OMG i really will order again, big portion & taste good

Black Pepper Katsu Chicken

Leong CH:

Chicken Chop is sooooooo tick, recommended