Hometaste is for everyone. We gather Aunties and Uncles under the platform and only selling home-cooked meals. However, with overloaded dishes provided, we came out the idea of Featured Food. 

Featured Food – Highly Recommended

Featured Food always comes with quality ingredients, proper packaging and prepared with care. The picture right below shows how we categorize them to help you in making the decision when you ordering from us.

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We want you to try the Featured Food. They are the Best Selling meals with Best Review and these are the hidden gem you shouldn’t miss! 

Hakka Lei Char (Grandmom Recipe)

Hakka Lei Char by Auntie Mei is an all-time favorite in our platform. The secret recipe is inherited from her grandmom – a Hakka cuisine expert.

Discount: RM3
Coupon: CHA3MEI
Kitchen Link: click here

Auntie Mei’s kitchen serves every day but very limited stock because everything makes from scratch to ensure quality.

Red Wine Chicken Soup from Setiawan

We have Auntie Foo – a 50 years old lady from Setiawan. Setiawan is very famous for their Fuzhou district where you can find all kind of authentic Fuzhou dishes. But for now, you could have the same thing with just a few clicks on Hometaste.

Discount: RM4
Coupon: WIE4FOO
Kitchen Link: click here

Chicken Herbal Soup

Wanna some herbs to improve your immune system? This Herbal Chicken Soup comes with a whole chicken thigh mixed with red dates, wolfberries, codonopsis, and astragalus will definitely bring you 5-stars satisfaction.

Discount: RM4
Coupon: CHI4CIN
Kitchen Link: click here

Sarawak Curry Laksa from Sarawak

This is very authentic! Auntie Lyn is a Sarawakian. Her laksa always got compliments from friends and families due to its originality and taste!

Discount: RM3
Coupon: LAK3LYN
Kitchen Link: click here

Tomyam Seafood from Thailand

You often found Thai food cooked by Malaysian. Nana is NOT! She came from Chiang Rai, Thailand and her cooking experience is fantastic. It’s a complexity of taste, a mixture of sweet, sour and spicy.

Discount: RM4
Coupon: THAI4NA
Kitchen Link: click here

All the coupon code above valid only for one-time usage with no minimum order and apply only to certain food. Click the link provided to view the food and proceed your order. Enjoy!

Featured food, Quality Kitchen, Taste Better!

Lastly, Hometaste always wants you to have fabulous experiences with our home-cooked meal, try Featured Food larrrr…..

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