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About Lau's Homecook

Hello, everyone. I'm Mama Liu. I’m cooking with heart, because I’m doing it with love and adjusting for the tastes of my family and friends. I'm had took up the responsibility to take care of my siblings when I'm 16 years old, hence, cooking for my family has become a part of my life. I always cook for my family, friends, and neighbors to share the love. Now that all my children had grown up, I'd like to share my cooking via delivery to share to you who love home-cooked meals via Hometaste.


All plans include

Home-cook Meals

Enjoy a rich variety of hearty home-cooked meals which are prepared and served in hygienic condition.

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Free Delivery

Contactless delivery as preventive measure towards the coronavirus pandemic during RMO.

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Flexible Subscription

Different dinner packages with the flexibility in arranging your meals (skip & carry forward) to fit your plan

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Free delivery

No delivery fee charges for default delivery time (5:30PM to 8:00PM)

Fish is always our choice

Fishes are good source of protein and are typically low in fat

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We make sure you have the best

Knife Cooking Oil

Known for its rich gold colour and unique peanut aroma, Knife Cooking Oil has helped to create satisfying and great tasting dishes in many households.


Authentic Asian Sauces with the finest quality products of from sauces, marinades, and seasoning mix in your cooking, and help you serve up to a sumptuous meal every time.

Nourishing chinese soup

Healthy Chinese soups reflect flavour and includes a number of spices and idol balance of all ingredients. Different ingredients regulate what these soups can do for your body.


Pricing for everyone

Prices depend on your chosen length of subscription and number of pax.
(Tips: for more days and more pax, you’ll SAVE MORE for every meal). 

1 pax

dinner alone is fine

5 days


RM19.00 / meal
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20 days


RM18.00 / meal
Order 20 Days
40 days


RM17.00 / meal
Order 40 Days Now

2 pax

dinner for 2

5 days


RM33.00 / meal for 2
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20 days


RM30.00 / meal for 2
Order 20 Days
40 days


RM28.50 / meal for 2
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3 pax

dinner for 3

5 days


RM45.00 / meal for 3
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20 days


RM42.00 / meal for 3
Order 20 Days
40 days


RM40.00 / meal for 3
Order 40 Days Now

4 pax

dinner for 4

5 days


RM57.00/ meal for 4
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20 days


RM52.00 / meal for 4
Order 20 Days
40 days


RM51.50 / meal for 4
Order 40 Days Now

You got more pax?

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What’s so special about us?

We are truly a home-cooked meal online platform with verified housewives. We guarantee our meals are served with no MSG.

How is dinner serve?

All pax are served with 3 dishes. It is a combination of meat, seafood, vegetables or soup. For soup, it is served at least once a week.

How do I order?

Choose your package and fill in your information in the form provided. We will contact you shortly.

Is it possible to skip the committed day?

Yes, we will carry forward to the next day upon request. Please inform us 24 hours in advance.

What are the delivery days?

We deliver on weekdays, excluding certain public holidays. We will inform you in advance.

What is our delivery time?

5:30PM – 8:00PM. There is RM5/per day charge for specific time range delivery. E,g: 5:30Pm – 6:30PM.

Where is the dinner coverage area?

You may check on our Delivery Coverage Area here.

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How to make payment?

We accept both bank transfer and cheque. Do let us know which method is more convenient!

For bank transfer, please provide the proof of payment by WhatsApp at 018 660 4861

More questions?

Contact our customer service team, we’re here to help.

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