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Ensures your family-recipes stand out as a brand to meet market demands

Standardize your family-recipes in terms of cost and nutrition values

Standardized your family-recipes so it can be replicated and profitable 

Hometaste Vision

Hometaste wants to share our Malaysian’s home-recipes and stories to everyone. 

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Home recipes have a who, a where, and a why. Surely, it tells a unique story as they’re often connected to people, places, and special memories. 

Hometaste Roles

Recipe Development

We will help you validate, standardize, and commercialize your family-recipes so it can maintain the quality in every servings.

Kitchen Operation

We also have the resources and equipment to replicate your family-recipes. In other words, you can focus more on business development.

F&B Marketing Strategies

We provide F&B ordering system and data-driven marketing solution. Therefore, your online revenue will be much achievable.

Delivery Solution

We are experienced in reducing your delivery cost so you can maintain a high business profit margin.

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Extraordinary Services

Now this is a meal with a difference. Instead of professional chefs, the foods at Hometaste are prepared by aunties and uncles who cook out of their own kitchen, ensuring that your lunch is filled with the flavours of a truly home-cooked meal.
as featured in Time Out KL


Hometaste has a wide varieties of home-cooked food from different cuisines, so why not some home-cooked meals for lunch? Let’s feel the love and passion of a home-chef. 

Not sure where to start? Therefore, we highly recommend to check out our Featured Food.

* Home-cooked Food is Good Food

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Home chefs specially design your everyday dinner menu that you’ll never get bored with! In every meal, there will be 3 dishes included: meat, vegetable, random dish.

To ensure giving you the best dinner experience, our home-chefs use only the best and freshest ingredients everyday.

*Free Chinese Soup once a week

Get Free Chinese Soup


Home chefs prepare different menus that suits any “makan-together”, from family gatherings, friends hangouts, or for formal meetings and events. Different styles of catering available: Buffet, Meal Box, and Platter. 

We serve from min. 8 pax! 

*Muslim-friendly Food

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