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Hometaste is looking for new recipes and wants to feature YOURS on the Hometaste website! Got a recipe that’s been passed down in the family? A new recipe you came up with? Share with us!

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Got a recipe to share?

A good recipe brings people joy, keeps up traditions, and helps us learn about different cultures and food history, especially in Malaysia which is one of the most multicultural nations in southeast Asia. 
We would love to hear from you if you have a recipe to share!

Sharing recipes motivates you
to try new, exciting foods.

Need the motivation to finally try out the new recipes? Then sharing the recipe might be that last push you need. As soon as you share the recipe, you can finally feel the urge to try new recipes.

Sharing recipes invites your friends and
family to share back with you.

Finding a good recipe is hard work!
If you want a recipe, give a recipe! It can motivate others to open up and share their favorite foods with you.

Sharing recipes connects
you with people.

There are few better ways to connect with people other than with food that you prepared — by SHARING RECIPES, whether cherished and special ones, or new and exciting ones.

Hometaste Ecosystem

We are the largest home-cooked food delivery platform dedicated to the incubation and acceleration of home-cooked recipes. The flight path is supported by a solid platform that expands the opportunities for growth.



Do you have a recipe that’s been passed down in the family?
Submit it to Hometaste!



Hometaste reviews your recipe by going through strict SOP and it takes 2 to 4 weeks time.



If your recipe is a rock star, we will sell your recipe at hometaste.my. You will be getting incentives. 


Taking Flight

Once your recipe hit the milestones of RM100,000 at our website, Hometaste will call you for a serious growth that require you to involve more!

Join our home-cooked community

Home chefs can share their passion in cooking and serve heart warming dishes that have been enjoyed for generations. In order to unlock the full potentials of home recipes, we expanded our services to incubate them into brands.

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Who are you after joining us?


Good recipe, everyone can join as a mission to share home-cooked recipe to everyone


Excellent recipe. You will ear a passive income without you doing the cooking. 


You can only join this stage upon calling from us, you are required to do cooking!

Our Brand Kitchen Incubators

We had successfully incubated 5 brand kitchen, operating under 2 multi-brand kitchens.


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Hometaste has started since 2017 with a mission to share home-cooked recipe to everyone. Create your home recipe now and deliver vibrant food culture to your neighbourhood.

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With the mission of sharing home-cooked recipe to everyone, we had gathered food lovers to share their experience having home-cooked meals with us! 

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If you are looking to create a home recipe now and deliver vibrant food culture to your neighbourhood , join our community today!

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