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  1. Nicole Chui

    The taste is just nice! Not too bland, not too salty. I ordered for my mom as she is a high blood pressure and kidney impairment patient.

  2. Mrs Leong

    Good, no msg, less oil. That’s the healthy cooking style that we prefer.

  3. May Wong

    food taste nice, portion too big for small eater.

  4. May Wong

    Good, food taste nice.

  5. ranichristina

    First time try the vinegar trotters full of bones n my daughter’s one fat. Pls select properly when u dish out!! Delivery was 45 mins late

  6. Peter

    So far is ok , but it’ll deserve another star if the foods with lesser oil.

  7. Simone

    Why package A can’t have option to add brown rice? It would be really good if possible, as package B is too much (no need soup).

  8. Chue Chor kuen

    The food is good but cooler when reach us.

  9. Christy Woon

    Freshly cook, tasty, helpful service team, prompt delivery, reliable. Highly recommended

  10. Chan Li Xian

    Should include more chef remarks, max 3 options is not enough

  11. Chloe

    Very pleased with its customer service – professional and very responsive. Meals delivered are always on time and extremely delicious πŸ‘

  12. Ling

    Nice and good but sometimes the vege is not fresh enough

  13. Elie Soh

    Hello, my order ID was 428138. I decided to try the 5 meals a day (lunch) and honestly, I liked the fact that it’s home cooked meal w rice, vege, meat (pork/chicken/fish) and then other side dishes like tofu, etc. The lunches so far has been appetizing and it’s affordable for a package price (paid with voucher for first timer). The menu has variety every week and this doesn’t make me feel bored of eating the same food everyday. There’s a variety of flavours from salty, sweet, sour & bitter but the meals are all properly balanced & healthy!!πŸ§‘πŸ’š

    Food delivered right to your doorsteps and with a convenient arrangement likes this makes me think of booking another week set worth of meals. Thank you πŸ’˜β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘

  14. tsckellie

    Order ID: 429040 – Nice food, suits my taste, no complaints. I ordered to try out for 5 days, nicely packed and reliable and professional service provided. Convenient and affordable, will repeat order.

  15. Julie Chee

    The food is tasty. Taste like home cook. Good for kids but not spicy


    Healthy and delicious food

  17. Zolyn


  18. joycemoi

    Aunty Lau’s cooking is good. I like the options that she offers so I can have a combination of spicy and non-spicy food for my family. I tried her awesome soup series today and it’s really worth to give it a try. I took the scallop mushroom soup and it comes as described plus tastes yummy as well. Keep it up Aunty Lau. I’m going to continue ordering from you πŸ™‚


    It was by accident that I ate my first meal – I was given an uneaten overnight meal. I have very sensitive stomach due to my silent reflux. My stomach will react instantly to unsuitable food with pains, bubbling stomach, bloating, burping or flatulence. Because the overnight meal gave me no such reaction I decided to order the 5 meals to reconfirm and yeah, after 6 meals my stomach has no reaction. I truly recommend their meals.

  20. Jocelyn

    The foods is tasty and since it is homecook, more healthy! Actually I like the ‘Fresh’ series of foods.

  21. Karem

    Good taste
    Delivered on time
    Enjoyed it

  22. Sheila

    Food is tasty, customer service is helpful with our requests. Delivery guy is friendly and deluvers the food in time. Thank you Hometaste!

  23. Christina

    Tried their 5 days package meal. Love that it’s not too salty or oily. Good portions and nicely packed. Customer service is excellent.

  24. Yee AC

    Food tastes good and not salty. Need to reheat as it was cold when received (no issue). Like the responsiveness, i was informed when the delivery was late.

  25. Ashley leong

    Really home taste, hygiene and yummy πŸ’•πŸ’•

  26. Erica

    Tasty home cooked style, healthy and delicious

  27. Lim Beng Yoke

    Supported by friend’s recommended

  28. Lim Beng Yoke

    Food looks healthy n nice.

  29. Vivienne

    I’m very picky on food quality. The taste is good no too salty or oily, healthy not even put sugar like other outside food. The portion is enough for one person. Compared to my previous order another company, this is nicer and value for money.

  30. Angie