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  1. irenetan.7119

    My daughter loves the pork curry the best. Always go for a second helping of rice when its delivered. A generous portion of serving even though sometimes the stir fried vegetables are a bit bland. Thank you Chef !!

  2. Kelly Yap

    My daughter love your food but sometimes too oily.


    The food portion is good enough. Tasty food. and love the packaging for the hygiene purpose.

  4. karine_gohs

    Food portion is good. Food is tasty & packaging is hygiene.

  5. Amelia Wong


  6. Jane Wong

    Food portion is good and food is delicious.

  7. Ching Li Moey


  8. Raymond Lim


  9. Chris Lee

    Pls don’t send over the red colour pork ribs. The taste of it is not good and the pork ribs is not tender at all. Most dishes taste good.

  10. Wan Mui Quan

    Very good followed my order that i requested .

  11. Tan

    Order once only, no comment yet

  12. nglili2005

    Great choice for food catering. Food are delicious even my MIL gives compliments.

  13. Gayle

    Good food but portion can be slightly bigger.

  14. Anson Tan

    Good Food & Good Price, Excellent service for their Sales & Customer service

  15. Shawn Tan

    Good food & good portion. Love their soup packaging is perfect clean & hygiene.

  16. MichelleNg

    my husband and me enjoy aunty lau food since after mco. hope they can keep on improve their variety dishes. we will continue support aunty

  17. San Mi

    Vegetables sometimes too raw / too hard / too old.. Hope it can be imrpove..

  18. Dickson Lee

    good packaging & big portion. 2nd time i renew their 20 days package. save my life

  19. Jane Ong

    most of their dishes are less salty and oil, very healthy. perfect for my kids. price is reasonable with delivery. will recommend to my friends.

  20. San Mi

    Food portion and taste is satisfied. Only need to caution on vegetable serving as they’re too hard for elderly and baby to eat .

  21. Nicole Chan

    Healthy food but vege can be a bit bland. It will be good if there is option to add soup daily.

  22. Tan Dee Wah

    Been repeating

  23. Ms Thoo Siew Yet

    Food is tasty and big portion

  24. Stefanie

    The food is well packed and food has many varieties. But what I like best is the taste is not overly tasty hence is suitable for young and old.

  25. Tan Ying Ying

    The food is delicious and portion is big!

  26. Yann

    Great taste home cook food and so far had been consistent in their quality. Hope that they continue to keep it up.

  27. Chin Yen Nee

    taste good

  28. Lau sie khian

    It is very flexible food catering packages, suit well to working parents. The customer service is considered very responsive and caring. My kids love their food. Portion given is reasonable. Strongly recommended.

  29. Lau sie khian


  30. Ken Lau


  31. Agnes Eng

    Delicious food & variety of dishes

  32. Jay H

    Good home taste meal and on time delivery

  33. Shanna Wee

    Nice food, good service

  34. Andrea Mah

    Homecook and on-time delivery! I can work from home at ease without worrying about what to order for lunch 😆

  35. Gary Foo

    tried the 5 days version, food’s tasty unlike other catering, slightly expensive but worth it.

  36. Pei Nyok Wong

    Tasty homecook

  37. IreneTew

    just order one time , no comment yet.

  38. Jasmine

    The food quality is good. Customer service is good. Quite similar taste to my own homecook. Love it.

  39. Bheena

    My mom who is fussy witj food is willing to continue..that says it all

  40. Shawnee chang sue wern

    Have been engaged with this dinner plan for 1 year, family is happy with the food portion and taste without worrying anything. Hygiene packed & easy to eat .

  41. Javier Chor

    great taste with nice portion. convenience ordering process and on-time delivery.

  42. Thoo Siew Yet

    Food is big portion and flexible to reschedule my delivery

  43. Jen

    Taste good

  44. Lena

    Delicious and healthy food.. Save the time to think about what to cook..

  45. Lena Chow


  46. Chris Chin

    Delicious meals. Hope to taste more cooking from aunty Lau.

  47. Sheila

    Overall, we are happy with the dishes presented over the past 5 days except for the mix vegetable on the 1st day was rather bland and 3rd day the potato and mushroom dish had too much black pepper. The soup was very tasty.

  48. Victor Lau

    Great portion. Enough for big eaters.

  49. Julia Hooi

    👌👍 homecook style

  50. jeanniekam

    Nice home-cooked food. Many varieties.

  51. Meng

    Foods is delicious.

  52. jee meng

    Foods is delicious.

  53. Yee Ling

    Very large portion, dishes’s taste not bad

  54. Mandy Teo

    Hope to have FREE soup every day.

  55. Tess ng

    Good food and delicious

  56. Jane

    convenient and satisfy with the food

  57. Sand Tan

    Healthy home cook balance meal, min salt & sugar, yummy👍

  58. P Yong

    Taste OK. Food can be oily. Renew another 20 days

  59. Gabrielle

    My mom loves all the food.

  60. Moon Thoo

    food delicious and big portion for 2

  61. Arlene


  62. Catherine

    So can you convenient. Food delivered at my door step. Food is tasty and healthy too.

  63. Angela niu


  64. Samn Yap

    Overall okay for all dish. But sometimes the vege have some potion smell, especially cabbage. My family like it. Easy for us. Thank you home taste… Will continue order.

  65. Lee Ho Peng

    5 stars – good n tasty food, service excellent

  66. Lee Ho Peng

    Good tasty fresh food

  67. Lee Ho Peng

    Good tasty fresh

  68. Lee Ho Peng

    Good tasty n fresh

  69. Grace

    Tried 5 days meal. Dish was good so far. But the Mui Choy Braise Pork was given mostly thick fat meat.

  70. Nancy Choo

    Convinient and value for money

  71. Nelle Sum

    Good food & service

  72. Esther

    Tasty & healthy food. But Package B is definitely not a large serving size but merely for a single pax. Also, the serving size is different between normal & discounted package price. Discounted price c/w discounted portion size. Other than that, everything is good.

  73. Cate


  74. Choo Chooi bing

    Food nice and service also nice

  75. Grace Chang

    Thank you Aunty Lau! Hometaste help working adult like us to enjoy daily homecook healthy food. In general, all menu taste great! The combination of dishes are always perfect and balance.

  76. Joyce Lee

    This is a delicious home cook food. Less salt less oil and taste rich. It’s the best solution for a working mom like me.

    Despite leaking on the food container happens sometimes and it is not a big deal, if you can improve it further that will be perfect.

  77. Alice

    Real homecook I miss for many years

  78. Arlene

    My son love it

  79. YL


  80. imanuel nugroho

    i have tried the 5 days subscription and all the menus are tasty and healthy, because my tongue is a bit sensitive to preservatives, but so far i never had any issues with the menus provided. awesome!

  81. Alice soon

    Price reasonable, taste can add a little bit salty.

  82. Thoo Siew Yet

    Food delicious

  83. Alice

    Delicious homecook, can be improved with lesser oil.

  84. Lim HIAP yik

    Good food. Nice food

  85. Lim HIAP yik

    Nice good.

  86. Lim HIAP yik

    I love the food . Thanks

  87. Lim HIAP Yik

    My son like curry chicken

  88. Arlene

    Great Food

  89. MAY TAN

    Very happy with the portion, taste and choice of food. Delivery is also very punctual and would whatsapp when arrived. It is definitely way healthier than outside food but don’t expect 100% no aginomoto. Sometime i do feel thirsty after some meal. But still, me and my husband love all their meals and look forward to dinner. Is like a box of surprise everyday.

    • Win Soh

      Hi, to clarify it might be due to some heavy margination. Lau home cook does not purchase Aginomoto at all. 100%

  90. Arlene

    nice good

  91. Nicolelim

    Vegetarian curry is good and so is the basil braised mushrooms. Keep up the great tasting food.

  92. Nicolelim

    Food portion is good. Vegetarian curry very good and so is the basil braised mushrooms. Keep up the great tasting food.

  93. Ooi Bee Luan


  94. Alison

    Tried for 4 pax portion for 5 days (for family of 4 adult + 2 children)
    Customer service is good.
    Packaging is neat & clean.
    Food menu is almost good, just miss by 1 dish.
    Portion is generous too.

  95. Bee Lee Nuo

    Good food and healthy meal

  96. Jocelyn Lee

    Food is great and to our liking. We enjoyed our 5 days meal subscription. Tq

  97. JOO

    Dishes are taste just right, not oily.

  98. JOO

    Taste just right, not oily.


    Food delicious

  100. Chew Sock Fang

    🍱 Generous portion, less oil & salty; suitable for kids, elderly, working people
    ⏰ Deliver on time & flexible to reschedule the delivery
    ❤️ Good customer service
    🌟 Repeat my order twice and now renew for 20days

  101. Vivien Loi

    Good food & portion just more than enough for 3 of us.

  102. Hou Lee Heng

    Taste is good but still salty for me. Feel bad for the plastic container which is not environmental friendly even though it’s convenient

  103. P Yong

    Acceptable variety. Taste good. Can be salty. Egg dishes can be more exciting. Tend to be oily. Kitchen packers prone to give wrong portions. Management does make good quickly

  104. Lee Ho Peng

    Good mixture of dishes but I have not receive any dish with Fish so far

  105. Lee

    Love the variety of food. Good packaging.

  106. Jennifer Lee

    Food is good. However the food container edge very sharp, it caused injured on hand. Overall is good.

  107. briankoo33

    The food taste like home cook and enough portion. Delivery on time.

  108. Margaret Ding

    Tried for 5 days. And just placed order to continue. The dishes taste great and the portion is very reasonable. Good service, including the rider who delivers the food. Will definitely continue.

  109. Lau Pei Lian

    Good service