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名为B配套,是因为家里有宝贝BB啦~ 配套的特点就是像极了妈妈平日准备的3菜1汤,餐馆菜品的份量,可以和家人共享~ 一般上,家里超过一人的顾客,都建议拿这个配套哦。

📌 菜式包括1样素菜、1样荤菜(肉类)以及1份随机(鸡蛋、豆腐、刘妈手工料理)。米饭另购,可B配套每周附赠刘妈的靓汤哦~

📌 可分成5天和20天甚至40天的配送,只要勾选想吃刘妈饭菜的日期,妈妈那天就不用又忙又累啦~

Package B, for your baby! The portion for this Package just like how usually mummy prepared the dishes, and like how it served in Chinese restaurants, share together! This package is suitable for families.

📌 Package B includes: 1 vegetarian dish, 1 meat or fish, and 1 random dish of egg, tofu or Aunty Lau’s handmade. Excludes rice but it comes with Aunty Lau’s Traditional Chinese Soups to warm your soul (Once a week).

📌 You could pick delivery dates up to 5, 20 days and 40 days. Just click on the “delivery date” panel and choose the dates you want to eat Aunty Lau’s home-cooked food. And on that day, cooking is not a matter for busy moms, just leave it to Aunty Lau!

*No cutleries provided. Please leave a message on chef remark if you need cutleries.


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