(Set) Hakka Lei Cha White Rice

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White rice is topped with various vegetables and toppings and served with tea soup made of tea leaves, nuts, seeds, and herbs.

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33 reviews for (Set) Hakka Lei Cha White Rice

  1. Vinxiee ZiHuang

    Big portion. Taste good. Recommended.

  2. Lee E Hui

    I couldn’t be more excited to see Hakka Lei Cha available in HOMETASTE. The portion is big and i love how the peanuts are packed separately so that they are still crunchy when we eat. Recommended!

  3. sily22

    This is so delicious… exactly the same like my grandma’s Lei cha.
    Beside that, my son love the tasty rice. My family all love it

  4. Minhui

    I would’ve preferred more of the soup but, overall, it’s delicious!

  5. Liz Foo

    The Lei Cha is taste good. Just the lei cha soup is lesser only.

  6. Rain Wong

    The leicha I like the taste as my mother cook, delicious. If can provide brown rice instead of white rice is best because brown rice is more healthy.

  7. wenhuey

    Second order and will definitely order again!

  8. Eu Ice

    High High Highly recommended!
    Too delicious!
    I Love It So So Much!

  9. Eu Ice

    One word to describe – DELICIOUS!!!

  10. Sinlingw

    Big portion, fresh and aromatic ingredients. Ate this in memory of my mother who loved Lei Cha. I never enjoyed Lei Cha, but aunty’s Lei Cha was delicious. No comment about the soup because I never liked it. Thank you for making such a good Lei Cha which is so easy to order, I will order again whenever I miss my mother.

  11. coeysia

    Love it so much. will order for brown rice for next order

  12. Aiba Ng


  13. Angeline1902

    Love it!!! Good portion of vege and rice. My first order but definitely would not be the last! 🙂

  14. NatashaLily

    I used to buy it from an Auntie nearby my workplace, but since I moved from PJ, no longer able to have the taste close to my picky taste bud, and now I found this, delicious. Tips, do not add too much of water to the concentrated Leicha soup, it will get diluted. And if you want more soup, consider order their extra soup. I am a bit weirdo as I dont drink much of soup hahaha

  15. ivychan

    Big portion for eater like me, they separate the peanut with a small plastic bag ( I hate peanut) which is good!

  16. Li Lian

    VERY DELICIOUS, second best so far. It comes with very good packaging, they use a food wrapping paper on the soup container to prevent leaking. Thanks!

  17. Yi Ben

    I am not a leicha lover and this is my first time, being forced by colleagues. I was worried about the mint leave taste but this leicha has different approach, very good!

  18. Adam Wong

    Long time didn’t eat leicha after I came to KL, and this leicha is amazing! Big portion! Taste good!

  19. Jie Ni

    I tried a 10 out of 10 leicha before but is in kepong, this i will give 9 out of 10.

  20. Keith Cheong

    Perfect lei cha I have ever try before! Love it so much!

  21. Mei Leng

    I don’t really like to eat lei cha, but try with friend this time, not bad! quite nice!

  22. howardtan

    kind of healthy food, my new place to choose when I am craving for lei cha

  23. lalachen

    Too addicted! I have been order more than 10 times! Love it so much!

  24. Anthony Tan

    Ordered 3 times, very nice! Recommended to friends!

  25. Olivia Ong

    First time try this, like it very much, definitely will order again!

  26. yongyong

    Big portion but still not enough for me, will order 2 next time!

  27. sinchan

    Overall is good, just the peanut can have more next time

  28. Evelyn Lyn

    Thumbs up for home cooked food, Auntie packing really well, lei cha soup and peanut is packed separately

  29. YU SHEN Ng

    Very nice! The taste very similar to my mom’s cooking

  30. Sharon Ong

    first time trying and I really liked it!

  31. Annie Liau (verified owner)

    Will eat this every week.. super delicious

  32. Annie Liau (verified owner)

    Very good

  33. Annie Liau (verified owner)