Hometaste Says No to Plastic Cutlery for saving our planet

Say No to plastic cutlery

Did you know that plastic cutlery cannot be recycled and due to high levels of plastic consumption, micro-plastics can now be found in our food, drinking water, and even water?! Check in details here.

Say NO to plastic cutlery


While saying ‘no’ to straws and bringing along a reusable bag are great first steps, you absolutely must understand that less single-use plastic leads to less waste to landfill, and therefore less plastic going into our rivers and oceans. 

Being one of the food delivery services, Hometaste believes that we can start to minimize reducing single-use plastic for our better environment. 5th June is World Environment Day and we decided to stop providing plastic cutlery on this special day. 

Say No to plastic cutlery

We can reduce non-recyclable plastic cutlery by carrying our own cutlery when we eat out or use our own cutlery at home just as many of us now carry our own water bottles. 

Imagine the impact we could make if everyone used a cutlery set that they carried with them instead of thousands of throwaway plastics that cannot be recycled.

We know it doesn’t seem like much right now, but we believe every little act could make a world of difference!

Hometaste believes that every act matters – our small, daily choices are the ones that will break or save our planet, and together we can make a difference. Let’s begin to say NO to plastic cutlery by opting out of receiving single-use plastic cutlery. 

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